NaBloPoMo #13: Vintage Thingies Thursday


trimaway diet scale, 1965

This is one of those things that I just couldn't not buy, even though I have absolutely no use for it. A new-in-box 1965 Pelouze Trimaway Diet Scale Kit. It includes an information booklet ("the complete precise dietary control guide for those who have a trim look in mind"), a small, not-very-accurate scale, a plastic measuring cup, and a plastic bowl in 60's neon orange.

Who weighed their food in 1965? I thought that horror was a recent invention? To those VTT who were alive then, do you remember anything like this being popular, or is this thing unusual?

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That's the kind of random thing I always HAVE to buy too. And I think people have always been crazy about their weight. We just actually have reason to be since we're all fat now... LOL

I was born in 1950, but I don't remember anything like this. Everybody was always trying to fatten me up back in the sixties. Those were the days. Now, I could use this kit. The market is flooded with weight loss products now, but I think what you have there might be rather rare.

I suppose a lot of women back then were still wearing corsets and trying to achieve the tiny waist Dior invented with his New Look in the late '50s, so I can imagine the scale and trying to be slender goes with that. But it's a really fun item, perhaps it will be worth something someday (or perhaps already is!).


I totally need that! I don't want it, but I definitely need it! lol. I do have a slim look in mind ... Some of the older weight loss stuff is funny. There have always been diet fads from sitting in hot springs to slapping your fat. Some of the old ones are a hoot. You should see this old Weight Watchers cookbook I thumbed through in a thrift store once - basically, if you didn't like Jello, there was nothing for you to eat in this book! lol.

I think Christine is right, I think a lot of women were transitioning out of corsets about that time. I remember my mom still wore one then.

I remember my grandma had one of these when she was on weight watchers. this looks really well taken care of , love that it had the box.

It IS horrible to weigh your food...but I guess it's better than weighing myself! :) Great interesting find.

Women definitely dieted in 1965-it was the age of Twiggy! Many women wore girdles-think tummy control pantyhose except the stockings were separate.I think this diet set was actually a healthful one for a balanced diet rather than a fad diet-I bet the grapefruit diet was from about this time.

How quaint...i don't remember them, probably coz i was only a kid then & didn't have a weight problem ahahaha!!

Oooh they are lovely!!

Ooooooh, this is weight loss
kitsch at its best!!!! Yes
the weight loss thingie has
been going on forever! Great
complete set with box!

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