NaBloPoMo #14: Not Feminism Friday


I don't feel like posting about feminism today. Let's talk about the odd collection of stuff I came home from the bins last night with instead, OK?

goodwill 111308

Here you see the following:

  • A large stuff goose. Dog toy that lasted all of 10 minutes. $0.75

  • A cute brown shirt for me, $1.25.

  • A stack of a dozen of these cloth diapers, all with liners, all in very good shape, $0.50 each. These are to be embellished (or maybe not) and gifted to baby-having friends/family.

  • A small blue jar for packaging some sort of bath product, $0.25.

  • Three embroidery kits (I'm still trying to learn). $0.50 for the little one, $0.75 each for the two big ones.

  • A small stuffed mushroom and a small stuffed rhino. Dog toys that have lasted slightly longer. $0.50 each.

  • The oddest thing: a stack of six large fabric envelopes. I can't figure out what they are for. They are made of cute, heavyweight decorator's fabric, one side print, one plain, and they are sewed together on three sides with the fourth open. And they're huge--about 3'X4'. Some kind of cushion cover? Anyway, they'll make fantastic dog bed covers. $1.50 each.

Trip total, including tax, was $21.92.

And the curious tabby cat, as always, is free.

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