NaBloPoMo #15: Show Me Saturday

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Today's Show Me Saturday is a Day in the Life post. Well, it's today in my life. My life is not usually as busy as today was. But it was good, and I took a few pictures along the way.

4:00 AM: The alarm goes off. I curse and put my head under the pillow. Mark, who has to catch a plane at 6, gets in the shower.

4:30 AM: Mark drags me out of bed to drive him to the airport. I pull on a sweatshirt over my pajamas and nearly forget my glasses and we're out the door.

5:00 AM: I drop Mark off at the airport. It's surprisingly busy.

5:15 AM: I go through the drive-through of just-opened McDonald's and get myself a sausage biscuit as a reward for being up so early.

5:20 AM: I return home, feed the dogs, eat my McMuffin, and check my email.

5:45 AM: I go back to bed, being sure to spread out all the way on to Mark's side.

10:00 AM: Alarm goes off again. This being a more reasonable hour, I actually get up and get in the shower.

lav honey lotion10:15 AM: I get out of the shower and cover myself with my favorite in the world lotion, Pennington of Bath's Lavender Honey. I bought several tubs of it when I found it at Ross last winter, and I can't find it anywhere else, including online, so I am hoarding it. Does anybody know where it can be found? Seriously, if you can find me this stuff, I'll marry you.

10:30 AM After getting dressed and brushing my teeth and all that jazz, I let the dogs out again and sneak Belle into the car when the others aren't looking and she and I take off for the monthly "Hound Hustle."

hound hustle 210:45 AM: Belle and I arrive at the mall where we're doing the Hound Hustle. By 11, total of 14 volunteers and about 18 beagles, all of them adopted or currently up for adoption, have gathered to walk around the mall. We stop often and talk to people, accept donations, hand out flyers, and do whatever we can to raise awareness of rescue. It's a lot of fun, if slightly exhausting. Belle is both overwhelmed and thrilled at all the attention and wary of the other dogs.

12:45 PM: Belle and I get home from the Hound Hustle. She immediately sacks out, while the rest of the pack crowds around me and sniffs me for signs of all the other dogs I've been petting. After I get everyone calmed down, I sit down at the computer for a few minutes and rest while scarfing down a couple of pieces of leftover pizza.

1:15: I take off again, headed downtown to Art from the Streets.

1:30 PM: I am excited as I head in to Art from the Streets. This is my fourth year attending and it's absolutely one of my favorite Austin experiences. This year doesn't disappoint. I see work from my favorite artists from past years (including Zebra and Howard Cook) and discover some new folks as well. I set both a budget and a number of works I could buy before I left.

hunt drawing3:45 PM: Budget in tatters, I leave the show. I have purchased six pieces. At least two are intended as gifts, though, and they are smaller than the pieces I've bought there before, so that, at least, is good. I'm particularly enamored with one artist, Penny Hunt, whose work I have not seen before (that is her pen and ink drawing you see at the left--one of the pieces I bought today). Penny is currently incarcerated on a seven year sentence. Her work is shipped to the show covertly, and she uses make-do supplies, like colored pencils steeped in boiling water as paint. She uses her proceeds to buy things for herself at the prison, and also to buy things to give to her fellow inmates. I think her talent is amazing, and her story only makes it more exceptional. I buy two of Penny's pieces, as well as one from Zebra (the third of hers I have purchased), one from Zebra's partner, John Curran (the second of his I've purchased, it is intended as a Christmas gift for Mark's sailboat-loving father), one from Dennis Williams (whom I've admired before but never purchased from), and one from Clif Taylor (whose work I hadn't seen before and who had a whole series of watercolors of roller derby women).

cupcakes4:00 PM: On my way home, I stop to buy dog food. Then, I head to the grand opening of the north Austin location of Hey Cupcake! A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of trying their wares at their south Austin Airstream, so I've been watching the construction of the new location with great interest. There was a long line, but everyone was festive, there were balloons, and it was a good time. I bought four cupcakes. From the top left, they are: red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream icing, carrot cake with cream cheese icing, and vanilla cake with vanilla icing. I also got a cup of coffee, amazingly enough, my first of the day.

4:30: Since I'm on Burnet anyway, I decide to stop by a couple of the charity thrift shops I usually miss (since they aren't open in the evenings). I don't buy anything. My taste for these kinds of shops, where the treasures have already been picked out (and priced accordingly) has lessened considerably since I've started digging through the bins myself. For example, there's a super cute 70s Pyrex serving dish I'd love to have, but it's $20. Not going to happen.

5:30 PM: I come home, drop my stuff, and immediately dive into the cupcake box. While messing around online, I devour the vanilla-on-vanilla cupcake. So, so tasty.

5:45 PM: I sit down to watch the Arsenal v. Aston Villa match I DVR'd from this morning. I also play with the dogs, feed the dogs, and speak to Mark on the phone (his poster presentation went well).

7:00 PM: I switch from the soccer over to the Discovery channel and settle in to watch a couple of episodes of the Duggars. I am both horrified and fascinated.

8:00 PM: I eat dinner--macaroni and cheese with canned chicken and frozen peas--out of the pan. I drink a lovely Ace cider with it. Then I put on my pajamas and settle in to watch a movie.

The rest of the evening will be me on the couch with whichever dogs claim the space next to me. It's been a lovely day, but I'm exhausted.

So, what did you do today?


WOW, I'm exhausted just reading that. Although the art and cupcakes look amazing!

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