NaBloPoMo #16: My Money Sunday


Mid-month statistics:

My goals this month were to have 16 days with no spending at all and not to spend more than $150 total on flexible items. Up until yesterday, I was doing fine. Between the first and the fourteenth, I had 9 no-spend days, and I spent a total of:
$44 at the Goodwill
$32 on bath product supplies
$19 on food/drink
$10 on postage
$5 on new headphones
I also earned $19 online, so my spending minus my earnings totaled $91.

Then, on the 15th (yesterday), it all went pear-shaped. Not counting what I spent at the art show (which I think Mark and I will probably split and which I decided was going to have to be an exception already), I put out another $56, which brings my monthly total to $147. Out of my $150 goal. Halfway through the month.


There is no way I will make that $150 budget this month. Just the postage I am going to owe on things that have to go out in the next week will be at least $20.

So I'm just going to have to do what I can to stay as close to budget as I can. And, to be fair, even if I spend $200 or $250 this month, that is going to be a great improvement over the past few months, especially since I am slowly gathering Christmas gifts.

Someone remind me that this is a marathon, not sprint?


It's a marathon, not a sprint! ;-) What's $19 on food & drinks? The cupcakes and coffee etc? I would totally have gotten those cupcakes, they looked delicious, but to be honest, buying snacks and stuff while out is always a budget challenge. It usually doesn't look like a big deal until you add it all up (which you did). Grabbing things from your own pantry works better, as well as always bringing a bottle of water!
And perhaps $44 at Goodwill is too much. But hey, you didn't ask for a review. So sorry about that. I hope the rest of the month will go according to plan!!


I blew my budget this month too - buying a new iPod. That sounds like a really stupid decision, except with all the time I'm going to be spending in the hospital, it was more of a necessity for my sanity than irresponsibility.

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