NaBloPoMo #17: Making Things Monday


Today on Making Things Monday, we're making oatmeal bath bombs. These are great because they are both fun (fizzy!) and good for your skin. The ones that are shown here are mini-bombs, which are good for kids, who may have less bath water, or for adults, who can use however many they want to customize their baths. The same recipe can be used for larger bombs, however.


Your lineup of ingredients may be getting familiar by now. You'll need oatmeal, baking soda, citric acid, almond oil, essential oil(s), and a spray bottle full of water.


Unlike most of my recipes, this one does call for a bit of specialized equipment in the form of a food processor. You'll also need a bowl, a stirring spoon, and measuring cups.

oatmeal in

Measure a cup of oatmeal into the food processor.

oatmeal in processor

Process the oatmeal. You're going to want to give it several minutes--the idea here is to get it as fine as possible. The more fine it is, the less grit you end up with in the bath when you use the bombs.

baking soda in

While the oatmeal is processing, measure a cup of baking soda into your bowl.

citric acid in

Then measure in a bit less than a cup (maybe 3/4 cup) of citric acid.

powdered oatmeal in

Add the processed oatmeal.

dry ingredients

Mix up all the dry ingredients. Make sure to work out an citric acid or baking soda lumps.

oil in

Add 1/4 cup of almond oil.

lavender in

After you mix in the almond oil, add your essential oil or oils. In this case, I am making simple, kid-friendly lavender bombs.

all ingredients

Once everything has been added, the mixture will look something like this.

spraying water

Spray on and mix in just enough water to make the mixture stick together when you apply pressure. You want to use as little water as possible. Using too much water will initiate the chemical reaction that makes these fizz, and they will fizz right out of your molds. Depending on the humidity in your house and how much EO you use, you may not need any water at all.

filling molds

Pack the mixture into your molds. You want it as tightly packed as possible.

full molds

Your filled molds will look something like this. Let them set up for about 24 hours (until they are completed hard), then pop them out of the molds. Use 1-2/bath for kids and 3-4/bath for adults.

Now, the math:

Organic oatmeal is about $1.29/lb. A pound is about 5 cups, so these bombs us about $0.26 worth.

My Costco bag of baking soda was about $5 for 12 lbs. A cup is about .4 lbs, so $0.17 worth.

The best price I've found on citric acid is $2.25/lb at Snowdrift Farms. A cup is about .5 lbs, so our 3/4 cup is about $0.84 worth.

Best price for sweet almond oil is $4.75/lb from Majestic Mountain Sage. Our 1/4 cup is about 2 oz, which is $0.60 worth.

Finally, the best price I've found for lavender essential oil is $4.90/oz at Majestic Mountain Sage. This recipe uses about .2 oz, so $0.98 worth.

All told, that's $2.85 to make 30 .3 oz mini-bombs, or 9 oz of bombs. $0.32/oz. Not bad! I don't believe Lush has an oatmeal bomb with which to compare this, but if they did, I'm pretty sure it would cost more than that!

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