NaBloPoMo #20: Vintage Thingies Thursday


First, an announcement: Vintage Thingies Thursday has a new home, at the blog of Coloradolady! Thanks for hosting, Coloradolady!

Now, what I have for you today:

wooden box outside

I picked up this inlaid wooden box (which is, for some reason, very difficult to photograph) at the bins. It's small--about the size of a pack of cigarettes, or a bit wider--and I originally thought it was a really cool old cigarette case. When I opened it, however:

wooden box inside

I found the inside was blue velvet, with a small indentation, as if something should rest there. The first thing that came to my mind was a monacle, as it's about that size and shape, but really, a monacle box? I didn't think much on it, though, as I was very interested by the objects I found inside.

wooden box inside 2

There are two stamps, one American, one Danish. I did a Google search, but couldn't find either of them. I found some 5 cent stamps with Washington on them from the 60s, but they are different than this one. Any stamp folks out there who can help me?

The really crazy thing, though, is the tiny locket. You can't see it very well, due to my poor photography, but it contains two very old looking pictures, one of a man, one of a woman. If my history is right (and honestly, who knows?), the pictures are late 19th century.

What do you think? Any ideas on the origins or timeline of this strange box and its contents?

Editing to add: Thanks to a tip from Coloradolady, if found the US stamp--turns out it is this one, which was made from 1916-1922!


I have no idea on the time set of these great items...but my imagination can run wild....I can just imagine a young couple in love, the young lady wearing this sweet locket her love gave her....and she kept the stamps from love a special box. *SIGHS*
I can not imagine parting with this at all. Lucky you. I love it. The locket especially.

I did a search on ebay, this seller looks to have the same stamps. you might want to search his listings. Maybe he knows something about the stamps, and maybe you can see which ones look more like yours.

I would guess it was for a pocketwatch? Just a guess tho.

I also would say pocket watch
case. Jewelry/watch cases
were lined in velvet and nice fabrics years ago.
Also the locket might be the fob to the watch. The locket has a heavy clasp which is similar to most watch fobs, I've seen. Jewelgirl

That's amazing, I love mysterious finds like this... I was coming here to say pocketwatch, but Jenny B beat me to it!

Thanks, I used to work in the
jewelry trade, and I still
love jewelry of all kinds..
Heres my other blog if you
missed it Jewelgirl Loves

It looks like it once housed maybe a bracelet?

I would also vote for a pocketwatch. And how intrigueing, those pictures!! You can make up whole stories about those people, and how it all came in that box and ended up in the bins.


Ooh, I second Christine's suggestion. If you ever need writing ideas, just pick something that you found at the bins and write a story about how it got there!

What an interesting "mystery"! The box itself is very pretty too...let us know about the stamps, please.

Wow - a vintage treasure hunt! What a romantic notion!

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