NaBloPoMo #24: Making Things Monday

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Can you believe this is our last Making Things Monday? Don't be sad, though--I really like doing these posts, so I am going to keep them in my regular, post-NaBloPoMo, rotation.

Today we're not doing bath products; I'm actually going to show you something that was quite a bit out of my comfort zone. This was one of those occasions when I got in over my head, but I think it ended up OK. I participated in a swap in which a participant asked for a daily activity schedule to use with her little one. After looking at some examples online (all of which involved sewing and quilting), I thought "sure, I can do that!" Even though I can't quilt. Or sew. Or cut a straight line. I still am not at all sure why I thought I could do it, except that I had an idea in my head of what it should look like. As if I have some kind of amazing power in which my thoughts become reality. Not so much.

So I had to figure it out. After several false starts, I figured out a way to do it with no sewing and without buying any materials (though I definitely used things that not everyone has on hand).

First, I took out a stretched canvas I bought on sale years ago, with the idea of using it as a collage backing, and a large piece of thrifted felt. I cut the felt to size and, using my handy-dandy staple gun, attached it to the canvas.

activity chart 2

Once my background was attached, I used a ruler and a pencil to separate it into 12 sections, one for each hour the chart would include.

activity chart 4

I then covered each of my pencil lines with a strip of thrifted rick rack, attaching it with more staples on the back of the canvas.

activity chart 5

I put another strip of rick rack vertically on the board, to mark out a place for the hours.

activity chart 6

Then I dug out a set of sticky felt letters and numbers I had, which were leftover from some project I did several years ago. Not all of the numbers I needed were available, put with a little scissor work, I was able to make them. I then attached them to my chart.

activity chart 8

Now the backdrop was done. I needed icons for activities. I turned to my trusty computer, Googling clip art for various things (i.e. "playing" and "napping"). Once I had images for everything, I uploaded them to Flickr and used Piknic to add words to them. You can see all of the images I used here.

Once I had all of the icons set, I printed them out on to some transfer paper I had leftover from making custom day of the week panties as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. I then ironed them on to some more thrifted felt and cut them out. Once they were stuck to the chart, I was finished!

activity chart finished

The recipient tells me that she's actually putting the images under the rick rack lines, in order to hold them on better. That, of course, would work as well. In general, though, the felt should stick together enough that you could do it either way.

I like that I was able to do this project without buying any new supplies, and I like the kid-friendly way it turned out. If I had it to do over again, though, I'd do it a bit differently--I'd make the icons and the numbers a bit smaller, so the chart doesn't end up looking so crowded. And I might draw or paint the lines on to the felt background, rather than using the rick rack. All in all, though, I'd say this project was successful, and the recipient seems to like it.


What is that thing? I can sort of discern the use of it for scheduling out days, but I'm not 100% sure.

Also, you need a liquor bottle icon on there for "booze it up".

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