NaBloPoMo #6: Vintage Thingies Thursday


In celebration of the first meet-up on this blog of two favorites, NaBloPoMo and Vintage Thingies Thursday, I have a good one today!

Mom as a suffragette

The photo you see here is of my lovely mama, dressed in her Halloween costume for this year. Is that not the coolest costume ever? I adore that my mom still dresses up. This costume, in particular, was inspired by the school bond initiative they were trying to pass at the school where Mom works. And it passed by a SEVEN vote margin! How's that for your vote counting?


Mom didn't dress up to get out the vote alone! This picture shows her co-conspirators (a good family friend on her right and my aunt Joan on her left) and the other side of their signs.

Clearly these costumes are meant to represent something vintage, but that's not why I am showing them to you today. There IS something vintage in them (besides, of course, the lovely ladies themselves). What is it? Guess in the comments and I'll update later and tell you!

Update: If you want to know what the vintage item is, it's after the break!

The vintage item is my mom's hat! It came along, with about a dozen others, from the home of my grandmother's mother. None of the hats were dated, but the one mom is wearing in this picture is probably from the late 20s or early 30s--so it's about a decade "young" for the costume, but still definitely vintage!


What a cute post. Love the costume. You mom looks like a lot of fun.


Your mom is so awesome! I love this idea, especially before the big election!

I adore your mom too. How much fun would it be to dress as a group of suffragettes?

Is the design of the banners the vintage thing?

Looks like they had a great time too!

It's the HAT???? And I thought you were calling your mom vintage! LOL

What priceless the hat :)

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