NaBloPoMo #7: Feminism Friday


Top Five Myths About Feminists

  1. Feminists are ugly. Feminists are not ugly. Well, I'm sure some feminists are, just like some of anybody, but I know a lot of very attractive feminists. And there are some famous attractive feminists as well. Ashley Judd? Charlize Theron? Geena Davis? Ani DiFranco? I rest my case.

  2. Feminists hate sex. The feminists I know, whether they are in same-sex or different-sex relationships (or single!), do not hate sex. They enjoy sex and they have sex. They have all kinds of sex, single and partnered, and often enough they even get pregnant and have babies.

  3. Feminists have no sense of humor. This is possibly the wrongest of all of the myths. Feminists definitely have a sense of humor. Some of the funniest people I know are proud feminists. So are some famous funny people, like Tina Fey and Margaret Cho.

  4. Feminists suffer from group think. Given the years of impassioned discussions and arguments I've had, both online and not, with other feminists, this one always makes me roll my eyes. Feminism is not a theory, or an ideology. It's lots of them. For as far back in feminist history as I'm aware, there have always been lots of divisions and disagreements in "the movement." It's likely one of the reasons certain goals have been thwarted as long as they have. There are socialist feminists, liberal feminists, radical feminists, eco feminists, etc. etc. etc. Not so much with the group think.

  5. Feminists hate men. This is probably the biggie. No, most feminists do not hate men. Some of us likely do, and I'd go out on a limb and say some of us have every reason to. But most feminists have lives that include men that we love and respect. Feminism isn't about hating men. In fact, it's not really about men at all. That seems to be the part that people have the worst time wrapping their heads around--something that isn't. about. men.

So there's the top five myths I can think of. What about you? Are you a feminist? What myths would you add?

Additions suggested, a running list:

  • Feminists are not/do not want to be mothers.

  • Feminists are intimidated by masculinity.

  • Feminists are lesbian separatists.

  • Feminists do not shave their legs/wear skirts/wear makeup.

  • Feminists are just looking for things to be offensive.

  • Feminists burn their bras.

  • Feminists are pushy and demanding.


oooo, here's mine: feminists don't want to be homemakers, mothers or stay-at-home mamas.

I have found it difficult, as have many of my friends, to balanace my feelings of feminism with my desire to stay at home with my children. I feel like the popular notion of feminism looks down on these roles, like we can and should be doing something else with our lives, even if what we absolutely choose (even given the world as our option!) is to be at home and be a mother.

How about "feminists hate manly guys"?

or "feminists hate manliness"?

I wish there were a word other than "masculinity" or "manliness" I could put in there, but hopefully the generally point can come across.

Another one: that feminists are always looking to be offended

Believe me, people, we don't to look very far or try very hard to find things that are offensive to women. I see/hear/read about numerous examples every single day. A much as some people would like to believe otherwise, women don't go out looking for trouble...trouble finds us just fine.

Another one: feminists burn their bras! This myth began from a misguided reporter who minterpreted what was going on at the rally and then it was printed in the paper and the rest is history. Other myths: feminist are lesbians, pushy, demanding and radical. Thanks for this post btw - it's a good one!

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