NoBloPo #21: Feminism Friday


Remember my Women Making History series? I've been wanting to revisit it. In particular, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite entries. These are the ones I was most pleasantly surprised by, or most impressed by, or just most into. So, without further ado:

Top 5 Women Making History (in no particular order)

  • Nellie Bly (1864-1922): Gotta love a muckraking journalist, and Nellie Bly was one of the first women to really get into it. I knew nothing about her before the series.

  • Dorothy Day (1897-1980): I love Dorothy Day. She basically believed that everyone deserved a chance and that it was her privilege and responsibility to do whatever she could to help. The world needs more like her.

  • Dolores Huerta (b. 1930): I'm a big sucker for a labor activist, and Dolores Huerta is one of the best.

  • Dian Fossey (1932-1985): Another personal hero of mine, Dian Fossey revolutionized the way we think about primates. She was a scientist, a radical, and a hell of a woman.

  • Dorothea Dix (1802-1887): This one was a sad story I knew nothing about previous to doing this project. Dix was a very early activist on behalf of the mentally ill. And she died in a mental hospital.

Wanna read about some incredible women today? There's a place to start.



Love your blog, for a week or so it just dissapeared, I wasa bit dissapointed about that.

Great to see you back


My thanks for this good work.
When any aspect of history is buried, expunged, or forgotten, it is not history, but a series of anecdotes.
My mother and grandmother were both remarkable women in the greater sense. Nana had the first car in Oregon to be owned IN HER OWN RIGHT by a woman. she had many other memories that I was too young to rember. Mom Sold magazine subscriptions at 13, went to work full time at 14 got a scholorship at 17, Joinedthe WAAC at 23 as a private, at war's end was a captain in the WAC. Raised me til I was big enough to protect her instead of the other way around and returned to the Civil Service. She retired in 1981 and served her causes until her death . Lesson learned from them is Never dismiss anything as beneith notice.

Thanks again
Doug Polhamius

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