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My non-sucky Christmas play list. It is still under construction, but I've been listening to it.

Christmas play list


This is a great list! We have made a tradition of collecting Christmas CD's every year and have gotten some great ones.

The Sufjan Stevens set, I forget the name, is awesome. There is a compilation called It's a Cool, Cool Christmas that we love. Another by Mint Records called "It's a Team Mint Xmas" is good. This year we bought my very favortie one, though. It's "The Hotel Cafe Presents Winter Songs". It's all female musicians performing some standards and some new songs. It's amazing.

AND! I can't believe I forgot "Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues! Add it! Add it!

I can usually only handle Christmas music in small doses, but this list looks really good. Makes me wish I had an iPod. And while it's not specifically a Christmas song, I've thought of "Give a A Little Bit" as Christmasy ever since the year that GAP used it in their holiday commercials, the one that had all the celebrities singing it.

Any way, I found your blog a few weeks ago from your MDC signature and have been lurking, but I figured I should stick my head out and say hi. So...hi. :)

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