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Y'all wanna see my Bins scores from today?

Of course you do.

cast iron pitcherI know this just looks like a pitcher, so what, but it's actually really cool. It's enameled cast iron! I've not seen anything quite like it before. Anybody have idea idea where/what era it is from? It's not in wonderful shape, but it's not terrible. I think it is going to be a vase or something. It was $0.50.

leaf cuttersThis is a cute little set of mini cookie cutters, or pastry cutters, shaped like autumn leaves. The outside of the case is a bit beat up, but the cutters themselves seem to be new. They are from the Purple Puma Cookie Company, which, from what I can tell online, is in New Hampshire? Anyway, I thought they would make cut cut-outs on pies, and they were $0.25.

little tree blocksThese are new! Don't ever even seem to have been opened. It's a 100 wooden block set, from Target's Little Tree line. It includes shaped building blocks and alphabet blocks in a plastic backpack case. They are headed to a kid for Christmas--I've got several on my list in the correct age range, or I might give them to the Santa program where I work. They were $1.50.

circus trainHow cool is this?? It's a vintage 70's (at least that is what the folks selling them on Ebay tell me) Santa's Circus Train set. It's all wooden and in pretty good shape--one piece needs a little wood glue, and there is one piece (a tractor that is supposed to go inside the last train car) missing. I have no idea what I am going to do with it--it's probably a bit fragile to actually be played with regularly--but I couldn't pass it up. Again, $1.50.

jar of whimsiesMy favorite find of the day, and one of my favorite finds ever. This is a "Jar of Whimsies." My entire line of reasoning in buying it was "wow, this looks cool." But then I got home and looked it up. Turns out these are sold by a cool shop called One Good Bumblebee. They are plastic 32 oz jars filled to the brim with tiny pieces of ephemera, many of them vintage. I haven't opened mine yet--I am getting too much of a kick out of turning it over and over in my hands and looking at it. But I'm sure I won't last much longer.

In researching it, I found out that these Jars of Whimsies aren't just a One Good Bumblebee thing, though they may (I'm not sure) have started there. Mamaphunk at Believe in the Power of Beautiful Stuff posted about a Jar of Whimsies swap here. There are a ton of them on Flickr. There have clearly been swaps for them. And there is at least one person selling them on Etsy. Can I please just tell you how badly I want to try my hand at this now? With as much random and fascinating crap as I have to leave in thrift stores because I don't know what to do with it, this could be a great solution...

I bought a few less exciting things today as well--10 new shaving set mugs at $0.39 each, three new low ball glasses (the awesome heavy-bottomed kind) at $0.39 each, a couple of glass canisters (one of which may or may not be depression glass, I can't figure out how to tell) for $0.50 each...I totaled I think $12 with tax. It was a good day.


That jar is too cool!! I would be so intrigued..... Great finds, Grace!


I totally want to know what's in the jar of whimsies!

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