How you know when you read too many blogs


I had a very involved dream last night about accidentally being at a party intended for A-list mommy bloggers. Dooce was there, and she was very stylish. Alice, from Finslippy, was very kind, as was Suburban Bliss' Melissa. I was super intimidated by Mighty Girl Maggie Mason. And I was really bummed that Eden from Fussy wasn't there, because at least she and I have dogs in common. Then they found out I don't have kids and kicked me out.

What do you make of that?


Your intimated by mothers and you don't think they'll except you in their world because you don't have children? You feel like an outsider looking in, a fake, an impostor.

Maybe you feel like you are not as worthy or special because you don't have children. Do you see being a mother as your ultimate in fulfillment?

Just some thoughts from someone in kind of the same place.

Also what do YOU think it means?

Strange dream. Hard to say what it might mean, perhaps you believe in your unconscience you can't hang out with women who are mothers because you aren't one?
I always get strange looks when I say this, but we had dogs before we had kids, and I find lots of similarities between raising toddlers and a spirited greyhound, lol. So there's enough you can say on a "parenting" subject, because a dog is on -about- the same level as a 2 yr old human. :-)


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