I have another mystery for you!

Last week, I thrifted a box of doll house kitchen furniture. There is an original shipping label on it from Sears, saying that the furniture cost $17.92 and the shipping was $0.39. There is no indication of a furniture brand or anything that I can find, though.

vintage doll house furniture

This is the set. It's painted wood, and includes a table, two chairs, a fridge with a top freezer (the freezer has a sort of wooden shelf in it as well), a unit with a sink and cupboards underneath, and a unit with a stove with electric burner stickers, an oven window sticker showing a pie baking, and a bottom drawer.

I forgot to get a picture of the box by itself, but you can sort of see it in this detail from a larger picture:

sears doll furniture box

So what do you think? Anybody recognize these pieces?


How cute! I have no idea how old these might be, although the writing on the box reminds me of the 70s a little bit.

I would have loved to play with this set as a child.

Sorry, I don't know much about the set or age, the box does look like 70's. But what a find! Very cute.

I know I'm all grown up, but how I would love to have little furniture. It's so sweet. Have a wonderful day..

If that furniture had a skull or two on it, it'd be improved immensely.

As is, it's still pretty neat.

It reminds me of my childhood in the early 1970s. You could have so much fun furnishing your little set with Re-ment accessories and a little Blythe doll.


I love your kitchen set doll furniture. You might try checking out some old Sears catalogues.

You found a delightful treasure! You might try serching it on eBay--try--toys and collectiables:kitchen sets:Sears.
Blessings to you!
Claudia O.

I found a wonderful fashion doll kitchen center complete with ox also from Sears. It looks typical 70's decor amd is missing some of the small items but I think it wold be perfect for a collector who wanted to display their dolls. Does anyone have any idea if it is worth anything or if it is just junk?

My family received one of those as a gift in the early 80's, which doesn't necessarily guarantee that they were manufactured then as my relatives tend to be thrift store shoppers anyway. I was born in 1978 and remember getting the gift, though not what year it happened in. Ours is the apple one and my mom still has it -- I covet it!

Wow, I have a dollhouse with this exact kitchen furniture! My grandfather made the dollhouse in his "workshop" and my grandmother decorated it. The kitchen set I have is not marked with any brand, but my grandmother worked for sears so it makes sense that the stuff came from there (the carpet in the dollhouse is marked as Sears, it's the little sample squares used in store displays, in wonderful brown and gold shag and royal blue sculpted). My dollhouse was made around 1978. I came across this site looking for furniture to replace some stuff that didn't make it through my childhood so my children can enjoy the house.

I have this kitchen set too! I got it for Christmas from my grandmother mid 1980's. I remember choosing it along with the living room set out of the Sears Christmas Wish book. I wish I could find more from this series as I need a few more pieces. I know they carried them for a couple of years because the following year I asked for the bedroom and bath set. I also notice that most comments were left in 2008, so this may never reach you lol.

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