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NaBloPoMo is over, and I did it! It's actually gotten not too difficult after three years. I'm going to try to continue posting daily, though not with my schedule of days. I like the discipline of it. I'm toying with doing themes each month, so I post at least 1-2 times per week on a theme. We'll see.

In the meantime, I need to take a look at how I did in November money-wise. Mint.com will tell me!

I spent:
$700 towards credit cards
$226 towards student loan
$100 towards savings

$146 on "Hobbies" (bath product stuff)
$100 on "Clothing" (there are some non-clothing GW purchases here too...)
$69 on "Shipping" (swaps and bath product sales)
$47 cash & ATM fees
$41 on eating out
$32 on gifts
$30 on doctor's co-pay
$15 on CDs
$11 on gym membership
$5 on "Electronics & software" (new headphones)

Total flexible spending: $496

Clearly, I am not happy with that total. I don't have $500 month to blow. The major areas I need to cut are my bath product supply spending (which I knew) and my general thrifting spending. I'll focus there this month.


But shouldn't "bath product sales shipping" be countered with the income you made from the sales? And the same for some of the supply spending?

To be honest, I think $69 for shipping this past month is a bit much, because the buyer should pay for shipping and not you.
For us, cash/ATM was also a problem. We agreed to use our debit card as much as possible to see where the money actually went and that helped a lot. And a question (feel free to ignore if you think it's too nosy): if you have $2000 on joint expenses with your partner, why is food/eating out coming out of your personal budget? For us, it's just part of the food budget.


I love mint.com. Someone posted about it on here in the comment section. I've been using it since then and really am enjoying it.

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