2009 Goal Progress, Week 1


Once again, I'm following Rachel's lead, and instituting a weekly post detailing any progress I've made towards my goals for 2009. What would I do without her to copy-cat?

#1 Read one book per week.
I finished Mary Roach's Bonk this morning. I'm still working on Crescent, though.

#2 See one movie per week.
I saw both Doubt and Frost/Nixon last weekend, and fully plan to spend some quality time with my Netflix this weekend.

#4 Improve my eating habits.
I'm instituting a practice of drinking a glass of water for every cup of coffee I drink at work. Baby steps.

#6 Pay of my credit cards.
I paid $700 towards my credit cards this month. Unfortunately, that didn't do much more than undo the damage I did last month, but at least I'm back on track now.

#7 Save at least $100/month.

#9 Journal and blog regularly.
I actually haven't been blogging much this week, but I have been journaling. I feel kind of stuck with the blog, like I don't have much to say. I'll work more on that next week.

#11 Practice cooking.
I did really well with this one this week. I made dinner three times! Chicken with rice, pizza, and pasta. Go me!

Not a bad starting week, all things considered...


Woo-hoo! Grace that is awesome! You're moving right along and baby steps SOOOOOO count. It's only the 9th, sister!

PS. if we were still in school we'd so be cheating off each others paper, lol.

Baby steps is right, I'm working at a lot of the same things this year... keep telling myself that even a bit of movement in the right direction is still movement.

Great week!

Good job. I'm especially proud of you for cooking 3x. You can do it!

You are doing so well!

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