2009 Goal Progress, Week 2


In direct rebuttal to my last post, here's my progress report for this week on my 2009 goals.

#1: Read one book per week.
I finished listening to Unaccustomed Earth yesterday and started another audio book, Escape. I'm still not finished with Crescent, though. It just isn't compelling to me. I'm nearly finished with it, though, so I'll finish it. Eventually.

#2: See one movie per week.
I've seen several movies in the past week: Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (haha!), Rocky (ug), and Tipping the Velvet (good).

#8: Learn a new craft.
I've started gathering stuff and making Jars of Whimsies. I don't know if that counts as a craft, but it's sure fun.

#11: Practice cooking.
I'm continuing to cook. I made that great curry the other day, and I've been trying to look for more recipes to try.

#12: Make my home more livable.
I'm working hard on this. I've made a home management binder, and I'm spending this weekend tackling my horror show office.

#13: Build my freelance resume.
Exciting news on this front this week. I'm going to be changing jobs in a few weeks to go back to technical writing on a contract basis. This is actually freelance work, but will build that resume.

So all in all, another good week!


LOVE, Love, love Sarah Waters' Tipping The Velvet!! You should read the book also, it's so much better, more involved, and different than the movie.

I also recommend her following books, Fingersmith and Affinity. Waters is my second most favorite author. Although I was a little disappointed in Night Watch but still enjoyed it.

Wow, that's brilliant!

I cook quite a lot. Here's one of

my favorite recipes. It's simple but has incredible flavors. And, it gives me a chance to use the LaCrueset I got for wedding gifts. :)


I also wanted to recommend that you take a look into trying mosaics as a crafting project. I think you'd like it.

You can buy tiles, but even better you can thrift for plates and such to break/cut to make your own tiles. And, you can thrift to find tables or boxes or whatnot to tile.

I went through a mosaic kick for a few years and it's quite easy to teach yourself.

If you're looking for a good basic cookbook that will help teach you great tricks, try the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. It's on the pricey side, but every recipe is exhaustively tested and flawless.

What's a jar of whimsy?

Congrats on the job stuff!

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