2009 Goal Progress, Week 3

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Forgot to do this yesterday. This week hasn't been quite as ambitious as previous ones, but there has been a lot going on.

Progress I have made:

#1: Read one book per week.
I may just need to change this to "listen to one book per week." I finished Escape and started Augusten Burroughs' Wolf at the Table (which I hate so far). Both are audio books. And I'm STILL not done with Crescent.

#12: Make my home more livable.
This is where the real progress came this week. I spent a whole bunch of time cleaning out and reorganizing our office, and it's now usable! And then we reorganized our living room a bit and bought a new cabinet for our audiovisual equipment, which is great, because it looks better now and it's behind glass, so it collects less dust. There is still, of course, an endless amount to do, but we're definitely making progress.


Dear Grace, I want to let you know that I came across your writing this p.m and really enjoyed several of your Blogs. Actually, I was reading about one of the first female war correspondents and stumbled into your work. I think your doing some excellent work and I commend you for leading such a thoughtful life.

Thank-you Grace you have made me think about some things more closely.



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