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Grace cooks! 011009I cooked again tonight--my most successful venture yet. I used this recipe for red curry with shrimp, sweet potato, and mango from Nigella Lawson's express cookbook, and it was really really tasty. It ended up way too hot, due, I guess, to the type of curry paste I bought, but it was still good, and I'll definitely make it again, with half as much curry paste.

I also spent all afternoon cleaning our house to make it more presentable and pleasant. Look at me working on my resolutions!


This looks yummy.

It looks really good, Grace! Do I even spy some cashews in there? Yum!
Impressive progress on your 2009 goals already, by the way. The new year is only 12 days old!


If you get a chance I'd love this recipe, it looks so yummy!

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