Goals for 2009


All over the Internet, bloggers are listing their New Year's Resolutions. I love it. My favorite lists so far are Karen at Chookooloonks' "9 for 9", The Princess at Flood Lizard Kingdom's "So, 2009, what shall we get up to?", and Crunchy Turtle Rachel's series of goals/resolutions posts. And so, now, I add my list.

Things I Want to Accomplish in 2009

  1. Read one book per week. I've already been over this one. Reading is really important to me, and I need to make time for it.

  2. See one movie per week. Pretty much the same deal as the books, though much easier to accomplish.

  3. Take at least one overseas trip. I have no idea if this is going to be doable this year or not, but Mark and I have talked about celebrating his graduation with a trip. We'll see.

  4. Improve my eating habits. This is something I focused on for a while last year, then stopped. I need to re-commit. I don't have to be perfect, but I do need to be better.

  5. Exercise regularly. See above re: eating better. I know I feel better when I exercise. I have to make myself do it.

  6. Pay of my credit cards. I am about 2/3 of the way there. I should be able to do it by about halfway through 2009. At my current rate, I have 6 more months to go, and I should be able to speed that up some with freelance income and/or tax rebate.

  7. Save at least $100/month. I know $100/month isn't enough, and I fully plan to increase this substantially as soon as the CCs are paid off. Until then, though, I want to keep up the saving habit with $100 monthly contributions to my savings account.

  8. Learn a new craft. I'm not sure what it will be, but I want to learn a new craft this year. I felt like I got a long way with bath stuff last year, and I want to do something new this year. Crocheting, or embroidery, or felting...not sure.

  9. Journal and blog regularly. I'm really glad to have gotten back into journaling and hope to be able to keep it up in 2009. Blogging I am pretty much in the habit of, and I don't think continuing to blog regularly (if not daily) should be too much of a problem.

  10. Sell our house and move. Obviously this is a big goal, and it's something we're going to have to do this year. It's going to take quite a bit of work. I hope to take these challenges on with the best possible attitude.

  11. Practice cooking. The phobia I have developed of cooking is ridiculous. I need to get over it. I'm shooting for cooking 1 dinner/week to start.

  12. Make my home more livable. Mark and I had a long conversation this weekend about how gross our house has gotten and what we need to do to make it more livable. Mostly, this has to do with the battle against dog hair, but it also has to do with both of us (me especially) given a little more time to chores. So I am trying to figure out a routine to deal a bit better with my household responsibilities, and we're going to make some furniture purchases (cabinets with doors to protect stuff from the hair, for example) to make it easier.

  13. Build my freelance resume. I currently have some opportunities to do freelance side work on grants and similar stuff for private companies. This is exactly the type of work I need to build a resume in the hopes of doing this stuff for myself at some not too far-off point. I have to focus on that.

Like Rachel, I plan to post period updates on how I am progressing towards these goals. I feel pretty positive about my chances of checking a bunch of them off!

That is probably plenty for now...


re: #10--where are potential new locations? we should talk, because where you lot end up will affect my rank list. (i'm currently looking at providence, worcester, new haven, and research triangle, with rochester and chicago on the less likely end.)

Grace, those look so great! Looking forward to seeing you progress and cross them off!

That is an ambitious and inspiring list! I'm sure that you'll do awesome : )

I need to take hints from you on #12. I've been supremely slacking in that department and now that we've lived in the same place for 3+ years it's time too look at some of the places I usually only clean when I move...

well, nuts. not for y'all--those are all great locations--but for me.

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