Goodwill bathroom stall


I so rarely see good graf anymore. But this I had to share (pardon the crappy picture I took with my crappy phone).

Graffiti at the Goodwill

Any idea what that could possibly mean?


Maybe they are talking about the formaldehyde in Victoria's Secret bras? That seems a stretch though.

Too bad there isn't a career in writing puzzling things on restroom walls. I could so love doing that for a living.

This is the best I could come up with…

A comment that formaldehyde doesn't REALLY kill and preserve 100% of "gross things" so therefore, little bacterias and stuff are in fact getting it on inside?

Other thought, is it a song lyric? Or poem?

There is, I think, a Panic at the Disco song that includes a lyric about formaldehyde.

It may or may not be the same song based on Natalie Portman's role in Closer, though, so maybe I have no idea.

Inside joke?

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