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I really want to blog, but my brain is so allergy-addled I can't even make sentences. So, instead, I wanted to show you a few little corners of my home I particularly love. I really enjoy seeing pictures of other people's houses on their blogs, so hopefully you will feel the same about seeing a few pieces of mine.

Craft table

This is my craft table in the office Mark and I share. Just looking at this nice, clean, creative space makes me really happy.

wine bar

This is the wine bar in our living room. I bought it for Mark for his birthday several years ago. It's the first new piece of furniture I remember buying (and honestly, it came in a box from Target, so it wasn't THAT much of a milestone). It has held up really well and I still love the way it looks.


These are two of our many bookshelves. We have....eight more? I just cleaned off the top shelves and put the pictures of them last weekend. I love bookshelves. These are neat, too--they are actual wood, but they fold up. We got them off Craigslist from some people in the suburbs who were replacing them with something fancier.

dresser top

This is the makeshift "dressing table" on the top of my dresser, where I hold all of my prescriptions, jewelry, hair brush, etc. I don't know why I love this space, but I do. I'll love it even more when I remember to get some high-gloss spray paint for the unpainted wood tray.


Lastly, the basket of soap in my bathroom. You can't really tell, but most of what is in here is local handmade or swapped handmade soap. I love handmade and fancy bar soap.

Hope you enjoyed this tiny tour! If you're inspired, I'd love to see some of your favorite nooks and crannies on your blogs!


This post makes me want to go home and organize my house! I love that wine bar. And I love to see other people's bookshelves... do you ever read this blog?

It's just pictures of lots of strange bookcase designs. I love bookcases, but then, I am a librarian so I guess it makes sense!

First, your new camera is DA BOMB and tell Mark your blog readers say thank you too! LOL

Second I also love the wine bar and need to go buy one just like it.

Third, how fun to see little nooks in your home. I'm definitely doing this next week on my blog.

Fourth, I love the colors you've chosen for the walls in your house. Just looks like such a fun place to live.

Dear god these spaces are tidy. Did you tidy them for the pictures or are you just some kind of grown up or something?

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