Look back at 2008

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OK, the first idea I want to copy from Rachel is in this post. Month by month, she looks back over her 2008 posts and summarizes what she's done and learned and how that plays into her goals for 2009. Seems like a pretty useful task.

I returned from my fantastic trip to Norway. Mark and I watched the kittens grow and were amused and amazed. I started taking pictures of my outfits every day and realizing just how poorly I dress. My mom's dog, Bella, died, which was really sad.

I continued to blog about my clothes, then, thank God, stopped. A beagle won Westminster. Mark's mom came to visit. I revisited my feminist canon. The kittens were all adopted out. I started the Oscar movie project (check my progress here!).

I made lists, as per March's NaBloPoMo challenge. I went on a massive Goodwill trip with The Princess. Crushworthy had its first sale. I got the flu and re-read the Little House books. I wrote a bunch about Buffy. Hopefully I was less boring in my actual life than on the blog.

I wrote a whole bunch more about Buffy, and enjoyed a brief moment of fame on Whedonverse when someone linked me there. Our clothes dryer died (while Mark's parents were visiting), which sounds like a minor thing but became a major thing when we failed to fix or replace it for over 6 months.

I didn't blog much at all. I think maybe I was a little bit depressed?

Mark and I visited our crew in Boston. I came back sick as hell with a sinus/ear/bronchial infection. Mark and I got really into the 2008 Euros. I sounded off on why I don't favor marriage. I had a weight-related freak out. We started fostering Belle.

We had a nice little 4th of July party. I once again addressed my weight, and started to actually work towards losing some. I did a ton of thrifting and blogged about that a lot. I wished I was at BlogHer but was not.

Mark and I went on a fancy date night. I did a bunch more thrifting, and continued to work on getting my weight down and paying down my debt. I turned 29. I got a misspelled tattoo.

Grandma Lou had a heart attack and had to have surgery, and I was terrified. Mark turned 31. We started fostering Huey.

My awesome cousins came to visit. I kept thrifting a ton and wrote about why I do it. I got to my lowest weight. I kept paying on the debt.

NaBloPoMo! For the first time, I used daily themes for my blog, and wrote a lot about thrifting, debt reduction, etc. I did several tutorials, which were fun to do and hopefully helpful for somebody out there. Crushworthy started really selling!

I continued to focus a lot on money. I did a whole lot of pre-holiday work for Crushworthy and a lot of gift thrifting. I got a little bit obsessed with Christmas carols.

Overall? The word that comes to mind for me to define this year is discipline. I learned some. Not a lot, obviously, but some. I made progress. I grew. Overall, I feel overwhelmingly positive about it.


Beautifully done! I just learned so much more about you!

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