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Because it had gotten completely out of hand, I spent a bit of time today weeding my blog reader. I got rid of anything that isn't being updated anymore, or anything I just don't read. I also had the brilliant plan to add a "favorites" folder, so I'd have all of the blogs that I absolutely want to read whenever they are updated in one place. Having done that, I thought maybe I'd share it will you all. Shout outs are nice, right? And I think a lot of these blogs are written by people who also read here, so I want to make sure you all know how much I love what you're writing.

The contents of my favorites folder (in no particular order):
Chookooloonks: I love Karen's writing and her photography, and I read absolutely every post and look at every picture.
Ruffly Speaking: Joanna's is the best dog blog I've seen, and she is also freaking hysterical. And so smart. And occasionally posts pictures of her gorgeous tribe of daughters.
Apron Thrift Girl: My favorite thrifting blog--such a style and thrift scoring inspiration.
Walk Slowly, Live Wildly: Though we are diametrically opposed in many ways, I love reading Sara's accounts of her family's life, as well as looking at her wonderful photographs.
10Notes: Christine's is one of the blog's I relate to most, even though we have very different lives (she has kids and lives in Europe, to start). There is just something about what she writes about and how she writes that makes me feel like I know her.
dooce: A lot of my long-time blogger friends are "over" dooce and don't read it anymore. I'm not over it. I am particularly in love with her style section. Heather's got some great taste.
frogblog: One of my very best online friends ever, I've known frog for a long bunch of years, and I read every single thing she posts.
Peter's Cross Station: Shannon has been one of my favorite bloggers since the days of Waiting for Nat, and that's not going to change anytime soon. She writes with humor and intelligence and I absolutely love being able to watch her and Cole's kids grow up through her blog.
the adventures of leelo and his potty-mouthed mom: This is another old favorite. Squid writes so well that I feel like I know her children, and I absolutely cheer for all of the daily accomplishments made by Iz and Mali and (especially) Leelo.
Bomboniera: Rachel is an old e-friend of mine and I love reading her updates and especially seeing pictures and videos of her life in D.C. and her amazing little man Joe.
Flooded Lizard Kingdom: The Princess is a very good real-life friend of mine and my blogging guru. Her blog, regardless of how often it is updated, will always be a must-read for me.
Fjordward: Blogs are a great way to keep up on the lives of friends who are far away, and that's what Fjordward does for me, giving me a link to some very good friends who are half a world away.
Crunchy Turtle: Crunch Turtle does double duty, as it's both a blog written by a friend, so I read it for that reason, and one that inspires me often. I would read it even if I didn't know Rachel, but read it all the more closely and am all the more interested in it because I do.
My Wardrobe Today: Though new mama Allie is on a bit of a hiatus right now, but she'll be back to posting her daily outfits soon. I've been through a lot of fashion blogs, but Allie's was the first and I think it's one of the best. Certainly one of my two favorites.
What I Wore Today: This is my other favorite! Like Allie, Kasmira posts daily photos of her outfits and descriptions of the pieces. While Allie dresses more conservatively than I do, Kasmira dresses much more exotically, and it's great, as someone who falls in between, to have them look to look at every day.
Posie Gets Cozy: Alicia's was the first craft blog I got interested in and I've been a fan ever since. It doesn't hurt that she occasionally features shots of her gorgeous corgi, and of Portland!
tiny happy: One of the most inspiring craft blogs I've come across, I blame tiny happy for my obsession with learning to embroider. It's also great fun to catch glimpses of the Norwegian world of the blogger and her family.

There you have it, my favorites list! If you have a list of blog favorites, link in the comments--I'd love to see the blogs you can't miss.


Awe, thanks for the shout out, G! And LOL @ "the popular kids" title. Love it.

Hey, every time you mention my blog in a list like this you make some comment about how often I update. What is your preferred updating schedule, exactly, that I'm never in compliance??

Aw, thanks for the shout out!

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