2009 Goal Progress Report, Week 5

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I'm late, but I'm keeping up!

#1: Read one book per week.
I finished listening to "Sacred Time," which I enjoyed. I am still barely into the Bella Abzug book and have also started Toni Morrison's newest, "A Mercy." I'm still doing a lot better listening than I am actually reading. Hopefully it's just a phase.

#2: See one movie per week.
I finished "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore," but haven't seen anything since then. I really want to watch all the major Oscar nominees, but I'd better get to it if I'm going to get that done.

#6: Pay off my credit cards.
I actually ended up spending more than I paid last month, which sucked, but I've already paid $1,200 this month (got my tax refund!). So I'm still working on it.

#7: Save $100/month.

#13: Build my freelance resume.
This is where I've made the biggest progress this week--I met with three new grant-writing clients in Oregon, as well as taking on an unpaid assingment editing a school charter application. It's all good stuff,

Once again, not great, but not too bad either.


Hey, I'm a convert to the audio book. And some books on music can't be experienced any other way, really. Daniel Levitin's This Is Your Brain On Music in audio includes music snippets to illustrate what he's talking about, and snippets he didn't include I found I had some of on my iPod anyway, right there at my fingertips. Other books have original music, which is also cool. And you can't beat hearing the authors read their own work, imo.

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