2009 Goal Progress Report, Week 8


Did better this week!

#1: Read one book per week.
I finished the Blum audiobook and have moved on to Jennifer Traig's new one, about her hypocondria (I think?). I am excited about it, because I really enjoyed her first book. I also gave up on the newest Toni Morrison. It's excrutiating to read.

#2: See one movie per week.
Watched Patton. Wow, that was long. Also Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo. Sometimes you just need junk food, and Harold & Kumar are freaking hysterical.

#4: Improve my eating habits.
I've done pretty well with my eating this week. Not perfect, but a big increase in veggies and fiber, and I'm down a few pounds.

#5: Exercise regularly.
Been to the gym twice this week. Starting w/ 3 30-minute cardio sessions/week and moving up from there. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

#6: Pay off my credit cards.
I've made over $1,000 in extra CC payments this month. Which has really only gotten me back to where I was before I started losing ground at Christmas time, but at least I'm on the right track again now. I'm playing to pay off at least $1,500/month now.

#9: Journal and blog regularly.
The journal has fallen completely by the wayside, but I've gotten back into the blogging groove this week, and as well as taken steps to insure I start prioritizing blogging a bit more (see the ads post),

Good week!


Wow, Grace, good job on your goals this week!

When do you listen to audio books most? I can't seem to fit in more than three books a month, even with audio books.

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