Stimulus 2: what's in it for me?


So I'm not actually done with the stimulus subject. One question I keep hearing is "what's in it for me?" First off, I think that's the wrong question. I am a member of a society. If (and I realize some people think this is a big if) this plan helps my society, then it helps me. But self-interest is also in human nature, and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about whether this plan would benefit me personally. I'm white, young, educated, healthy, and upper middle-class. This plan probably shouldn't benefit me. But you know what? Turns out it just might. These are the things that stick out to me:

1. Increased Broadband access could benefit me, if only because I'm a Broadband user and better access is better access.

2. I have an uncle who is in the moderate stages of Parkinson's and gets his care at the VA. VA funding aids my family, for sure.

3. I drive. Highway investments help me. Not a lot to say there.

4. As I mentioned before, Mark's funding has come/will in the future come from the NSF and NIH, so more money for them means less competition for scarce resources for him, which is good for me.

5. More money for schools keeps the small rural ones I went to open, which keeps my mom employed. Again, direct benefit to my family.

6. Dislocated worker training has benefited members of my family in the past. I have no reason to think it couldn't do so again in the future.

7. There are members of my family on food stamps and other government aid. Their kids need to keep eating. I am a supporter of those programs.

I'm a single woman with no dependents who makes a pretty good living. I am NOT in a low tax bracket. But still, I'm in. Raise my taxes President Obama, I'm with you.

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