2009 Goal Progress Report, Week 10


Another good week, I'd say!

#1: Read one book per week.
Again, all audio. I finished Jennifer Traig's Well Enough Alone and have moved on to Four Rooms, Upstairs. For next week, my goal is to add an actual paper book.

#2: See one movie per week.
Saw The Man Who Cried (horrible) on DVD and Slumdog Millionaire (eh) in theater.

#4: Improve my eating habits.
Probably didn't do quite as well as last week, but still working on this one and focusing on increased vegetables and making healthier choices every day.

#5: Exercise regularly.
About the same as last week--been to the gym twice for 30 minutes of cardio each time and will go again tonight. Next week I plan to increase to 35 or 40 mintues each visit.

#6: Pay off my credit cards.
I am down to one credit card, and the balance is down to about $4,300. I will have this goal completed before summer!

#7: Save at least $100/month.

#9: Journal and blog regularly.
The journal is now completely abandoned, but I am back to blogging regularly and am enjoying it again!

#13: Build my freelance resume.
I completed a large volunteer grant editing project this week. It is work I am particularly proud to have been a part of and it's great resume fodder.

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