In which I get my woo on (Treasure Mapping)


Have you all heard of treasure mapping? You can read about it here, but bascially, it means making a collage of your wants/goals for the next year. It's much like the vision boards Karen and Alex did for New Year's, but done on the Aries New Moon instead of at the New Year.

And yeah, it's a little bit woo. Or even a lot. But I did it anyway, last night. And here is my map:

Treasure map

It was a worthwhile exercise just to do it, I think. We'll see how it holds up, but I'm glad I tried.


I did this last year and as nice as it was to see it hanging on my wall every day it ended up reminding me of what I hadn't accomplished instead of what I had. So, no TM for me this year although I might try it again one day.

Cool idea!

What is "woo"?

I've done this a couple of years ago, made 5 of them for different areas in my life. I still like looking at them and remarkably (or perhaps not) they still ring true for me. Of course I like looking at yours in the picture and exercise my amateur psychology muscle a little bit. ;-)


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