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Have you ever heard of The Little Black Box? Basically, it's an independent company that gathers up samples from lots of indie businesses and puts them together in monthly "black boxes." The boxes are geared and teen girls and women and contain lots of beauty/bath type samples, jewelry, etc. They are different every month, depending on which indie businesses decide to contribute, and not all of the boxes are the same every month, depending on how many of each thing there are, though all of the boxes do have the same general value/number of items. There are a limited number of boxes for sale each month. The boxes cost $23 including priority mail shipping.

I heard about the program a year or so ago and desperately wanted to order one, but didn't have any extra cash at the time and forgot all about it. Then, recently, someone on a message board reminded me about them and I looked them back up. Since there were still February boxes left, I ordered one, and it arrived yesterday.

Little Black Box BagThe Little Black Box is actually a little black bag, pictured at left. I don't know why that disappointed me, but it did. However, packaging doesn't really matter all that much--I was more interested in what was inside!

LBB contentsThe following was included in my February Little Black Box:

  1. From Artists Helping Animals: a sticker, a promotional magnet, and a small plastic owl magnet

  2. From No Duplicates: two (screenprinted, I think?) Christmas gift tags

  3. From babai alainn: a small knitted beanie (doll sized)

  4. From Vegan Etsy: a BOGO coupon for dog treat recipes

  5. From Kreations by Kathie: four small heart-shaped cinammon scented mini scent tarts and a 15% off coupon

  6. From Gems by Jerri: a pair of beaded earrings and a 15% off coupon

  7. From fluffnflowers: four emerald okra seeds

  8. From The Crocheted Baby: a crocheted mini face scrubber (like this) and a BOGO coupon

  9. From a shop whose name I could not read: a small beaded string--maybe intended to be a keychain?

  10. From Bloomhill Baby: a small embroidered guardian angel and a 15% off coupon

  11. From girls just wanna have fun: a crocheted face scrubbie and a 15% off coupon

  12. From Photobeads: a large colorful bead and a small promotional calendar

  13. From Augavino: a photo card and a 20% off coupon

  14. From Hippy Dippy Designs: a pair of beaded earrings

  15. From McGuinness Photography: a photo card and a 15% off coupon

  16. From Cottonwood Herbals: a 4 oz bar of "Clothesline Fresh" scented soap

  17. From Soap that Makes Scents: a lavender scented soap petal

  18. From Cheri's Organics: a small bar of green tea jasmine soap

  19. From Skin Candy: a 20% off coupon, 2 oz rice krispie treats lotion, lavender vanilla shower gel sample, coconut pear body butter sample, and watermelon taffy whipped cream soap sample

  20. From Simply Sentimental: a 10% off coupon

  21. From Lincoln Christie: a glass tile necklace

  22. A PETA sticker featuring a pig barking like a dog

  23. A Little Black Box button

All in all, I was neither blown away nor disappointed. There was nothing in the box I would have chosen for myself, but most of it seems pretty usable and reasonable to pay for. I found the companies that contributed coupons but no merchandise irritating--I shouldn't have to pay for your coupons. I thought the Skin Candy company was generous, as was Lincoln Christie. I would have liked more bath stuff and less jewelry, but I understand that's the luck of the draw. And I still love the concept.

So, I think I will try March's box and see what it holds. The website says it will be on sale March 27. And in the meantime, I'm considering contributing to the boxes once I get Crushworthy back up and running. Little tins of sugar scrub would be perfect, I think...


Very interesting...I also love the concept but think that the all the companies should contribute a sample of their product.

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