Love creates something that was not there before

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Pardon me while I get sappy for a minute.

In one of my favorite parts of one of my favorite movies, Tommy not-yet-Gnosis asks Hedwig if she believes love lasts forever. They have the following exchange:

Hedwig: Seriously, Tom, yeah. I believe love is immortal.

Tommy: How is it immortal?

Hedwig: I don't know, perhaps because...Iove creates something that...was not there before.

Tommy: What? Like procreation?

Hedwig: Yeah, but not only.

Tommy: What? Like recreation.


Hedwig: Maybe just...creation.

In a film that is largely about love, this, to my mind, is the heart of it. Love lasts forever because it creates something that was not there before. Sometimes, it's a baby. For my family, this week, it was--my cousin and her husband had a healthy little boy. And I know, because I grew up in this family, that above all that child will be loved. Not only is he something that was not there before, but the love we will all feel towards him is also something that was not there before. Creation.

Happy Love Thursday, everybody.


Isn't that amazing about love. When I grew up, our neighbour had this little sign on her wall that said: "love's the only thing you get more of by giving it away." I always remembered that.


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