2009 Goal Progress Report, Week 14


It just occurred to me that I haven't done last week's goals update. Totally slipped my mind. Now that I look at my lack of progress, I think maybe I forgot on purpose. Oh well, next week will be better.

#1: Read one book per week.
Still listening to The Secrets of the Fire King, but it's almost done. Started reading The Unquiet Mind and am about 2/3 through it.

#2: Watch one movie per week.
I watched Oliver! for the Oscar project last weekend and hated it. Then M. and I saw The Watchmen in the theater and loved it.

#4: Improve my eating habits.
Dismal failure here this past week, but I'm back to tracking points now.

#5: Exercise regularly.
See above.

#6: Pay off my credit cards.
This past week has seen the balance go up, rather than down. However, that trend will reverse this week, so I should have better news to report on Friday.

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