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This is a funny post to be writing in light of my last series of posts, but I can't not share this with you all.

Look down at my sidebar. Scroll down, I'll wait. See that debt reduction bar that's been there for months? See how it says 0 now?

Yep. I'm out! I made my last payment this morning and my credit card debt is now 0.

For those who haven't been playing along for months, I started my debt reduction campaign in January 2008, with nearly $12,000 in debt. That debt had been accumulating since July of 2005 when Chance died and I put my half of his $6,000 vet bill on my credit card. From there it grew.

Since January 08, my progress has been up and down. Some months I did great, other months my debt actually grew. But I've been able to hit it hard with my new job and freelance work this past month or so, and today I finally finished paying it off.

I can't tell you how I thrilled I am, both not to have it over my head anymore and to have finally achieved a financial goal I'd set for myself.

I'm still not a financial rock star by any means. I have a student loan, a car loan, and a mortgage. I have no retirement and next to no savings. But now, with this hurdle out of the way, I can begin to tackle those ones.

Truly, this is a great feeling.



Congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment.


Congratulations! I totally remember when we climbed our way out of 12k in credit card debt. I still revel in that accomplishment sometimes. Go you!

Grace, that is so awesome. You rock, lady! Big and much deserved Congrats!!!

Paying off my debt was the best day ever. Congrats.

Congratulations! What a great feeling!

You're a beast!

That is seriously inspiring. Maybe it means that one day, we can be just like you!

Yay you! Hopefully I'll be close on your heels!

Yay! That's wonderful Grace. Way to go.

I first realized I was truly an adult when we got a little extra money and I thought, "alright! We can make an extra loan payment!" Tragically practical, but it sure does feel good to get those balances reduced.

Grace, you rock.

Awesome! I admire you very much!

Congratulations. That is a true accomplishment.

Grace, that is just wonderful!! Many many congrats, it must truly be a great feeling.


Congratulations Grace, I know that this was a day you've been looking forward to for quite some time.

Wow! I know how long and hard you've worked on this. Congratulations! That's really an amazing achievement.

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