March Little Black Box


March Black BoxAs I mentioned I was going to last month, I got March's Little Black Box. And I'm much more impressed with it than I was with February's offering.

It includes:

Like I said, much better than last time. I can't wait to try some of this stuff. And I'm likely intrigued enough to get April's box if I have the cash when it comes out. So stay tuned!


Was just thinking, do you search online to see if anyone else posts the contents before you order? The box is a neat idea!

Is anything you get the sort of thing that could be used as small gifts?

I was thinking that for the cost, if you could get 3-4 small gifts for friends it could be worth it.

I bought one of these this month and was so let down. I love the idea, but the execution left me cold. The earrings and jewelry stuff was so crappy I wouldn't even give it away. I'll probably end up tossing it out.

I love bath products, but was underimpressed with the smell and quality of the items in the bag. I have high hopes for the soap, which I haven't tried yet.

And, Mugsy wouldn't touch the dog treats. Pixel helped him out though.

Neither of my candles came with a wick.

Bah. I'm grumpy about this bag idea. It could be great.

I bought it on your sort-of recommendation and am pleased with March's offering. I will be gifting the cat/dog items to a friend and probably some earrings, too.

I was having an incredibly shitty day yesterday, so when it arrived I was especially pleased for the bright spot in the day.

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