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Recently, someone I know online asked me if I had stopped thrifting. After I finished laughing, I assured her that yes, as long as I am breathing and have access to thrift stores, I'm still thrifting. I can't imagine it being otherwise. What I do seem to have stopped doing, however, is blogging about it. This hasn't been intentional--I just haven't though to do it. Due to being unusually busy, I have been thrifting less often than usual, and though my take is generally pretty OK, I haven't come home with anything so fantastic I felt the need to share it with the world in a while. But, since I was asked, and since this is pretty much my favorite subject, I thought I'd share the goods from my bins trip last night.

What you see here is the sum total of last night's trip. From the bottom left:

  • Three new greeting cards with envelopes, all of which read "These are but wild whirling words"--William Shakespeare. $.25 for three

  • Four plastic containers of Risk figurines, intended for Tiny Shiny Things jars, $.25 each

  • A hand knitted red cotton strawberry baby hat, $.25

  • A Panache appertif poster that is going to go in my bathroom, $.50

  • Three bags of new rubber jacks cat toys, $.25 each.

  • A small candle mold, $.25

  • A large candle mold, $.75

  • A package of three small red tins, $.25

  • A Bamboo Utensil To-Go set like this, $.25

  • A cool wooden tension toy/puzzle, $.25

Total with tax: $4.87

This represents what has become a very average trip for me. Nothing exceptional, but a few cute things, very little money spent, and very little new stuff that I don't have an intended use for coming into my house. I'm very happy with being in this stage of my thrifting career.


ooh, i have bamboo utensil envy in a big way!

Interesting finds. The hat is cute, I like the toy/puzzle too. You dig this all out of these big blue tubs I once saw in your pics? Is everything priced or do they "make it up" at checkout?


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