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My good friend and mistress of all thing blogging Skye just sent me a list of search terms that have led people to my blog. Quite a few of them are obvious or make sense, but some are too damn funny not to share. A few of my favorites:

  • man hating songs: this actually brings people here all the time, to my great joy
  • erotic stories/making love ata drive in movie: this one took me a minute, but it must be the "ata" that does it
  • girly badass tattoo: hell yes!
  • short brown curly haired actresses from 1930's: specific! I like it!
  • in 'girl interrupted' 1999 what song do susanna and lisa sing to polly outside her door
  • : Hrm...Downtown, I think?
  • disney's belle is a whore: I'd say she's more a rape victim with possible Stockholm Syndrome, actually
  • where can i buy malibu musk: good God, why would you want to?
  • is reed college stressful? Haha! Yes. But worth it.
  • evil beagle tattoo: this just makes me laugh
  • every single god damn disney movie ever made: again, hysterical
  • smith college vagina: this is one that probably shouldn't make me laugh, but does anyway
  • what place in shreveport bossier louisiana deals with stories walruses hills and rainbows? Again an odd and specific question.
  • why do i drink more when i get my period: reasonable question. I do, too.


All of those make me laugh! Especially the evil beagle and drinking while having a period. :-)


I get so many hits for "naked hockey mom" I'm almost inclined to give the people what they want.

I searched for Beagle yodeling since I am watching a Beagle, and right now, she sounds like she is yodeling. I had never heard of that before and was curious whether it was a puppy thing or a Beagle thing. and there you were on my list talking about Uno. I like your blog. :)

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