Pointy faced guest


Look who picked our yard as a vacation spot?
Our pointy-faced guest

She even brought the kids!
Mama with babies

Mama with babies

For some reason, I am guessing that her run-in with the all-canine welcoming committee is going to convince her to seek a more habitable environment.

At least I hope so. Ew.


I don't particularly love her, but I still think that her snarl looks like a smile. Are you sure she wasn't giggling?

I gotta say, those babies are pretty cute!

Mom looks pretty fierce though.

Well, forgive my ignorance, but what is it, a rat? The ones we have here are brown. Looks kinda cute in the pics, but you don't want them around. I once had one flying out of a closet we hardly ever use, it was the only time I've ever seen our dog, who has NO prey-drive at all, come to my rescue because I was screaming so hard. The rat ran for its life, dog barely missed it and I called the exterminator who came that afternoon and got rid of it. Such excitement!


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