Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box Review


Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box contentsDid somebody say everything's better from Canada? In this case, they may be right. What you see here is the contents of May's Sweet Delight Divalicious Sample Box--the equivalent, more or less, of the Little Black Box here in the U.S.

The Divalicious box costs $25 Canadian ($21.59 U.S. ATM), shipping included. This seems like an almost unreasonably good price to me, especially since the box I received indicates that the sender paid $11.15 to ship it to me. The LBB is $20 US shipping included, so not a big price difference. One area in which they do differ is that the LBB is a monthly venture, while the Divalicious box is only every other month.

So, how do they compare? You can see my reviews of the past three LBBs here, here, and here. Compare it to:

The contents of the May Sweet Delight Divalicious Box:

  • A gorgeous pair of earrings (somewhat like these) from Risky Beads. Very giftable, though honestly I think I'm going to have to keep them. Also, a free shipping code.

  • A black and white beaded necklace, also giftable, from Roxy's Rox.

  • From The Soap Farm, a package of five small guest soaps and a tube of sport lip balm.

  • A cute iron-on wool felt patch of a bird from East Coast Kitsch.

  • From my much-loved Heaven & Earth Essentials, a sample of White Chocolate Latte Whipped Sugar Scrub, sample of Ailes D'Ange perfume oil, and $5 off coupon code/

  • From Reviyve, a sample of lemon essential oil shower gel, a sample of mineral skin care detox cleansing gel, a sample of brown sugar scrub/mineral mask combo, and a 10% off coupon code.

  • From Handmade Natural Beauty, a tube of strawberry lip balm, a sample cranberry almond lotion bar, and a 10% off coupon code.

  • A full sized bar of milk chocolate soap from Good Enough to Eat Soap. Again, likely giftable.

  • Two lavender soy tea lights and a 20% off coupon code from Kimdles Homemade Soy Candles.

  • A sample bottle of Natural Belly Oil from Natural Creation.

  • From Crystal Lights, two Fuzzy Navel scented tea lights and two Clean Cotton scented tea lights.

  • A Fresh Cut Grass soap sample from Natural Madison.

  • From Agua Cate & Co., four skin care samples: facial exfoliating cream, hydrating facial cream, rejuvenating eye treatment, and soothing facial lotion.

Not a bad haul for $20ish, right? I am particularly jazzed about the really nice earrings, the skin care samples from Agua Cate & Co., and the lavender soy tea lights. All of the packaging was really nice, and there was no worthless extra stuff in the box to piss me off, which was nice.

I am still very excited to receive my complimentary May LBB and see what it has in store for me, but as of right now, Divalicious is the front-runner in this contest. I'm definitely getting on their sale list for July!

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