I'm sorry if you all are sick of this subject, but I have to tell you:

My complimentary May Little Black Box arrived today, and I am NOT disappointed. On its strength, LBB has pulled slightly ahead of Divalicious in the battle for my sample-box favorite.

The best things (all of which are small giftable except the last one):

  • A pair of antiqued copper dragonfly earrings and a 15% off coupon (in a cute embellished box) from Rose's Eclectic Garden.

  • A 2 oz bottle of pomegranate car freshener spray and a 15% off coupon code (nicely packaged in a linen bag) from Bath and Body Bliss.

  • A really cute recycled glass bottle bud vase from Kitty Hawke.

  • A sample (Possette) of Dark Sweet Crude perfume from Possets.

Other good things:

Duplicates/things I loved less:

This box did what it was supposed to do. Not only did it give me some great treats, but it introduced me to at least three companies I now want to check out (Strawberry Hedgehog, Melissa's Handcrafted Soap, and Intentions). Win!

Kimberlee, you are an excellent business woman. Sending me this free box did indeed get me back on board with LBB. See you next month!!

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