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Bins finds, 06/08/09After at least a month's absence (too much to do!) I finally got to the Bins today.

I spent a total of about $8.50, including tax. The haul was:

  • A large Ziploc full of embroidery thread and fabric

  • A wooden Bentley's tea chest

  • A glass jar with hinge lid

  • A Vera Bradley makeup bag in new condition

  • A small Ziploc full of (all unopened) samples, mostly from L'Occtaine

  • Two Alice in Chains CDs

  • An (unopened) jar of salt scrub

  • An (unopened) sample size bar of Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids soap

  • Two vintage tea tins

  • Several spools of vintage-looking trim

Mostly, this stuff is to give away or swap--the embroidery stuff, the Vera Bradley bag, the salt scrub, the trim. I'm planning to make candles in the tea tins and use the wooden tea box to store essential oils. The glass jar is for Tiny Shiny Things. The CDs went to Mark. The Lush soap and L'Occtaine samples are all me, though.

I missed the Bins. It's kinda hard to thrift right now--with moving on the horizon, I'm trying to weed out possessions, not add to them. But I think I did a pretty good job today sticking to things that could be used immediately or useful immediately, either to me or to someone else.


Those are great finds! We've used "Honey I washed the kids" and really loved it. It was really soft and smelled heavenly. And l'Occitane is wonderful, but it's really expensive in the store. I wish our thrift store had stuff like you found. :-)


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