I haven't had a give away in awhile. It's time.

The prize: A super-deluxe edition of the Little Black Box, made up of things taken from my boxes from the last several months, as well as some other miscellany. May contain body products, candles, jewelry...and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Who can enter: Anyone. One entry per person, please.

Dates: Contest closes one week from today, Wednesday, June 17.

How to enter: Leave me a comment and tell me something you'd like to see me blog about. Be sure to use your email or leave me another way to get in touch with you if you win.

Good Luck!



I'd love for you to get back to blogging your vintage something Thursdays if possible. Would also love to hear more about the loved animals.

I think you should blog about -- ummmm -- cake. Or pie. Or maybe that's just due to my having skipped lunch. I need to think more about it.

Blog about makeup! Show us your favorite products, looks and how to pull them off.

How about... postcards?

Also pick me pick me pick me ;)

Blog about closets, whether actual or dream-closets. :)

I'd love to read more about your pets and fosters (how's Huey?). And your thoughts on finding a new rescue group after you move.

for reasons obvious to you, i'd love to know more about how money is an issue in your fam, namely, that you make way more of it then them. Is there embarrassment? Do you rebuff gifts? Help out? Get flack for your spending by them? Tell them how much you make? etc.

Building on Jenny's comment, I'd be interested in learning more about how money impacts your relationship with your significant other (if that isn't too private). My boyfriend and I are getting to a point where more finances are shared and it is an adjustment that I'm interested in getting others' perspectives on.

I always like seeing pictures of your house and decorating style. And food. Food is always good.

I'm always down with more posts about money/debt and class issues, as well as product reviews.

I always love to read your blog posts about your thrifting finds!

Hey, I'm just in time to enter! If you don't want to send it internationally, I get that, no problem.
Topic to blog about: I always love your opinion on things (even if I disagree), so I vote for more posts on women's issues (or feminist issues if you want to call it that).


Hmmm. I know I wrote a comment a few days ago ...

I believe I said I'd like to hear more about thrifting scores, good cheap budgeting ideas, etc.

I'm with Julia: more about your dogs. I'd like to know how you introduce rescues to your permanent pets, do you walk all of them?, do you do anything (obedience, etc.) to make the fosters more adoptable...that type of thing.

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