Midweek makeup blogging: eye crayons


It is midweek, right? Well, close enough.

I really will blog about some of the other issues you wonderful readers suggested, but not until I have time and thought to spare. Which could, at this point, be months. In the meantime, it is easy to blog about makeup. Makeup is very, very simple.

So let me tell you about a product I love. The eye crayon. It's like a pencil eyeliner, only bigger and softer. It goes on like a thick eyeliner, but looks sort of somewhere in between liner and shadow. And it's my favorite eye product. If I am in a hurry, I can just color over my top lash line and be done, no need for shadow or anything. If I have a bit more time, I pair it with shadow and love the look even more. It's very natural, not a harsh line like a lot of eyeliner can be.

My love for the eye crayon started with picking up a couple of Jane Colorsticks Eye Crayons on super-sale at Walgreen's (I think they were $.99 or something). Even when not on sale, these are cheap--only about $4 each. I've tried the Mercury Rising, which is a grayish purple, and the Oh Yes, which is a silvery green, and liked both. The only downside I found with these was that they didn't last all day.

In hopes of finding something more long-lasting, I then tried a high end version: Lorac's Sparkle Pencil Shadow/Liner. At $16, this is a much more expensive option than the Jane crayons, and it only comes in Midnight Sparkle (black with silver sparkle) and Blue Topaz (blue with silver sparkle). I bought the Midnight Sparkle. It goes on the same way as the Jane product, and it does last longer, but I'm not a fan of the glitter or the black for everyday use. I'm holding on to the Lorac crayon, but it's a dress-up event type of product, and at $16, I wouldn't buy another one.

Knowing that what I really wanted was a longer-lasting version of the Jane product that comes in a range of colors, without glitter, I saw Sephora's version on a trip to Sephora for something else, and hit the jackpot. The Sephora Brand Jumbo Pencil is the perfect eye crayon. At $6 each, they only cost a bit more than the Jane version, they are long lasting (especially over eye primer), and they come in great colors. I started with the violet, which I love, but I'm expecting the gray and the beige in the mail soon. Don't be turned off by the boring names--the violet is almost exactly the same color as Jane's Mercury Rising, beige is really champagne, etc.

There are some more eye crayons I'd like to try. If I could learn to love the glittery look a bit more, I think Pop Beauty's Glitter Stix would be fun. Nars Glitter Pencil is expensive ($24), but comes in great colors. On the bargain front, Rimmel's Exaggerate Eye Crayon looks promising--it's less than $4 and has fun, glitter-less colors. There is also Maybelline's version,the Cool Effects Cooling Shadow Liner, which has fantastic colors (I love the Cold Front and the Cool as Cucumber) and retails for about the same price as the Sephora version. Finally, I'm interested in the version by Pixi Beauty (which sells at Target). I'm not sure how much they are, but they have awesome bright colors I haven't seen elsewhere.

I recommend these, especially for those who have trouble applying regular eyeliner or don't like the harsh look. But go with a cheaper one--the Jane or the Sephora--this is one area where so far I see no need to spend a lot of extra cash.

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