Pre-BlogHer Excitement


We're having a pre-BlogHer meet up locally tomorrow and it has me all excited thinking about this year's conference. I went in 2007, but missed last year, and I am REALLY stoked to get to go again.

Will any WINOW or Heroine Content readers be there? I'd love to meet you.

I've been looking over the schedule, and these are the break-out sessions that are piquing my interest:

Break-Out Session #1: Business of You: Bloggers are Pioneers in a Post-"Employee" World
Break-Out Session #2: Leadership: Writing Your Op-Ed
Break-Out Session #3: Leadership: What is "Pro-Woman" in a Post-Palin World?

Break-Out Session #1: Business of You: Advanced Social Media, Syndication and Stats
Break-Out Session #2: Identity/Passions: FoodBlogging in the Time of Recession
Break-Out Session #3: Identity/Passions: Enough About You...Who's Reading You?

I'm also really excited to see the Community Keynote on Friday night. And, you know, pick up as much as swag, meet as many awesome women, and learn about as many new blogs as possible.

I am geek girl, hear me roar.

Relatedly, I was looking at the list of sponsors for this year's conference, and I'm pleasantly surprised. Sure, there are the expected sponsor's for a conference of women--Green Works, Tide, Wal-Mart, Ragu, Playskool, Mary Kay, etc. But there are also some sponsors of the type that women's magazines yearn for--Chevrolet, Microsoft Office, Liberty Mutual, Motorola, Intel. It feels like progress, folks.


Nice to meet you today, Grace. I'll be looking for your post-BlogHer wrapup. :) Looks like a lot of interesting stuff. Wish I was going!

I hope you'll come back and share some of what you learned! I'd love to go to something like this but couldn't do it this year, maybe next year.

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