2009 Goal Progress Report: Week 30


Did you noticed how I just stopped reporting on my goal progress over two months ago? I didn't mean to--I'm not hiding anything--I just kind of forget.

So back to that.

Here's how I am doing now, in Week 30 of 2009:

1. Read one book per week.
As per my GoodReads list, I've read 21 books so far this year, including the 2 I am currently working on and the 3 I didn't finish. Not so great. Need to read more books.

2. See one movie per week.
All Consuming tells me I've seen 43 movies so far in 2009--way more than 1 per week. So I'm good here.

3. Take at least one overseas trip.
This hasn't happened yet and no plans are in the works. In all likelihood, this is going to become a 2010 goal.

4. Improve my eating habits.
Major failure here lately. Truly terrifyingly bad.

5. Exercise regularly.
Again, failure. I have big plans for after we move, but I'm totally stalled at present.

6. Pay off my credit cards.
Still done. No new balance. Going strong with the responsible credit card use and proud of how well I am doing.

7. Save at least $100/month.
I amended this goal to $1,000/month in May, and that hasn't happened. However, the reason it hasn't is because we've been able to pay cash for the work we've needed to do pre-sale on our house, rather than use credit, so I think it's OK. I am still saving at least $100/month, though, and now that the house repair stuff is mostly done, I should be able to increase that from August on.

8. Learn a new craft.
No progress on this front. All the crafting supplies I've acquired are in storage. Given that and the present time constraints, this one is on hold.

9. Journal and blog regularly.
I'm going to give myself half credit here. I've been doing great with the blogging, but I just picked up my journal again last night after having abandoned it in January.

10. Sell our house and move.
This is in progress. We had an offer on the house, and we have several more possibilities, so I don't think it should be too much longer. We've also secured a rental in Virginia and started our other preparations for moving. This is right where it should be.

11. Practice cooking.
I've done a whole lot of nothing here.

12. Make my home more livable.
Amazing what putting your house in show-ready condition will do for this goal. Our place is lovely now. Livable, not so much, given that we have to keep it sparkly clean all the time and half of our stuff is in storage. However, knowing what it feels like to live in a less cluttered, more vacuumed space has me commited to better general housekeeping once we aren't under the strain of showing anymore.

13. Build my freelance resume.
Things on this front continue to go well. I am working on a smallish project right now and there are more in the pipeline. I need to actually put a new resume together, though. I should make that a goal for next week. Or maybe two weeks from now, actually. By Week 32, I should have a new and updated freelance resume.

So, all in all, progress remains pretty steady. I'm happy with the financial and home situations, and with the professional stuff I've done. I'm less happy with the way I've treated my health (eating and exercise) and with the time I haven't made for reading and journaling. So I need to try to maintain the progress in the first areas while concentrating on the second areas. Not an easy thing to do, but I'm definitely going to try. Making concrete goals and having a public place to note my progress has been infinitely helpful. I definitely recommend it.

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