Anybody want to buy a great house?

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I just realized I didn't tell all you (all. heh. all five.) readers about my house! Our listing went up on Friday! So far, we've had four showings. No offers, but a couple of really positive responses, so our fingers remain crossed.

The listing is here, if you are interested. And, because someone did ask for more pictures of the house at one point, let me show you how well it staged!

Front patio:
front patio.jpg


More kitchen:
kitchen 2.jpg

Dining area:
dining room.jpg

Living room:
living room.jpg

Guest room:
guest room.jpg

Master bedroom:


Fountain and pond in the back:
fountain and pond.jpg

Back herb garden and arbor:
back yard.jpg


Not planning to emigrate, but I love, love, love your kitchen cabinets and copied the picture into my reno ideas folder!

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