BlogHer 09: What am I gonna wear?


So back to pre-BlogHer posting.

I have a confession to make: the idea of packing for BlogHer fills me with fear. Much as I'd like to be, I am not the world's most fashionable person, and some of the attendees really, really are. Yesterday, Suebob tweeted a link to her red stapler pictures from the Chicago conference in 2007, for a glimpse at what people were wearing. Looking back at them, I remembered how put together and stylish I thought the women at BlogHer looked (particular nods Pioneer Woman Ree and BlogHer's own Lisa Stone). My Heroine Content co-blogger and general blog-guru Skye showed me up too, rocking cute skirts and cardigans while I schlepped in jeans and a layer of sweat.

I doubt I am the only one with these apprehensions. But there is advice out there!No Pasa Nada's HeatherB posted on BlogHer a couple of weeks ago about what she's packing (dresses, cardigans, and sandals, BTW). Miss Disgrace Grace is also planning on (really cute) dresses. Mobile Mommy Laurie is packing from her super organized list, and bought a new bag for the occasion. So that's a place to start.

HeatherB's main piece of advice is to wear what you would normally wear--i.e. be yourself. Good advice in most situations. I think, though, that for those of us who so rarely get to do anything like BlogHer (meetings and parties and lots of new people), there is a definite need to be ourselves only better. I don't just want to wear the clothes I wear to work every week, or the ones I wear around my house on the weekends. I want to do more than that. And so I've been doing a little shopping, both retail and in my own closet, and have come up with a few "me only better" things to pack. New jeans. Fun shirts that aren't work appropriate. And, like Laurie, a specially purchased Etsy bag. I want to be comfortable, and no, I am not there to be a fashionplate, but it's nerve wracking to know you're going to be meeting hundreds of women whose only real life impression of you will be formed over these few days. Everybody wants to put her best foot forward.

Now, if I can only find time to fit in a pedicure...


if it's any help, the high will be 80, if that. it's been awesomely cool all summer.

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