Disover cash back duh moment


So I'm a fan of the Discover card. Yes, I know, I was in credit card debt not that long ago and some people probably believe I shouldn't use cards at all. I think those people are wrong. Credit cards are tools, and if you can use them responsibly (which I believe I now can), then they are a good thing. So, I put just about everything on my Discover card. Why? The cash back.

Given that, how did I not know until today about the Shop Discover program? It's basically the same deal as Ebates, but for your Discover Card, and with bigger cash back percentgaes. For example, I always buy from Sephora though Ebates, to get 4% cash back. If I had been using Shop Discover, I'd have been getting 10%. 10% at Beauty.com, too. And at Ulta. An excellent 15% at Petco. 20% at Restuarant.com. 20% at VistaPrint. And the list goes on.

Making things even better, Discover is having a promotion wherein people who blog about this deal (like I'm doing now), can get $50 gift cards! I'm guessing this post is too late for that, since it started in early June and they are only awarding the first 50 bloggers, but I thought I'd let you know anyway, since this seems like a particularly good deal to me. That whole "card that pays you back" thing may be for real.


Don't they have one of the highest interest rates around? Like 21%?

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