People I want to meet at BlogHer: Day 1


As I mentioned last week, I want to do a special series of posts leading up to leaving for the BlogHer conference next Thursday. I thought a bit about what to do, and I decided that, in keeping with my resolution to meet more people this year, I should feature some blogs and bloggers! So, every day between now and next Thursday (7/23), watch this space for a tidbit about the blog of someone who is planning to attend this year that I'd like to meet. That way, even if you can't go, you have the opportunity to find a few new blogs too!

StandTall is a Nigerian feminist and gender activist. Her personal blog is The Activist. I've only read through a month or so of her entries, but I'm hooked. StandTall writes about her daily life as well as a lot of gender-related issues, and her perspective is very different than that I read so often on American and Canadian blogs.

An entry from last week, "I Am Aunty Mary," discusses the use and misuse of respect-related prefixed being added to names. I've thought about this before in my own context (for example, I'm very uncomfortable being addressed as Aunt Grace, by friends' kids or by my own literal nieces), but StandTall's context is completely different. Her discussion is personal, but also well-informed and well thought-out. It's a great post.

So, StandTall, I hope to get a chance to meet you at BlogHer. And, if not, you'll be on my blogroll.

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