People I want to meet at BlogHer: Day 2

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Today's blogger I want to meet is Grace from Miss Grace's Disgrace. First, we share a name, which is always cool. Second, she's got a new tat, and it's amazing. Finally, her blog is the funny, not-too-sappy kind of blog I like. And I love that she features her life list on the sidebar.

Also, she's got a shopping blog, Disgraced Shopping. I love shopping blogs. I kinda want one. Scrolling through it I see it features Anthropologie clothes and organic lube. Love.

So what do you say, Grace? Wanna have a drink at one of the fabulous parties? You seem like the type who is going to have a really, really good time at BlogHer. I could learn something from you.


I'm terribly flattered. Let's do it.

I get in tomorrow night.

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