So in May I reviewed the Sweet Delights Divalicious Sample Box and was duly impressed. Today I got The July box, and I remain so. Read about my haul, and keep in mind that the whole works was only $25 Canadian, including shipping:

  • Cocoon Apothecary Magic Bean Body Cream, 4 oz bottle, Cream & Coffee (estimated value $10)

  • From Lumiere Cosmetics, small sample pots of eye pigment in Raspberry Truffle, Hypnotic, and Halo (estimated value $5 each

  • A small bottle of Adult Cold Care blend aroma oil and a Jasmine tinted lip slicker from Blue Monday Soap Co. (estimated value $8)

  • A .5 oz Dolce de Limone lip balm from Herban Lifestyle (estimated value $5)

  • A blue and silver chain bracelet from Roxy's Rox (estimated value $7)

  • A yellow and black cell phone charm from from CellChic (estimated value $8)

  • A sample gift tag and 10% off coupon code from Pick Me Paper Designs (estimated value negligible)

  • From Heaven and Earth Essentials, a sample of White Chocolate Latte Sugar Scrub and a $5 off coupon code (estimated value $4)

  • A 1.5 oz lavender soap sample from Heather's Natural Soap Co. (estimated value $2)

  • A pink and brown polka dot clip from Pretty Hair Clippies (estimated value $2)

  • A sample vial of "Seduction" perfume from Rosalyn Scent (estimated value $1)

  • A pair of blue beaded earrings from Satin Doll (estimated value $10)

  • A Scrabble tile pendant from B.B. Bellezza (estimated value $7)

  • Four tea lights (2 white tea & ginger scent and 2 love spell) from Crystal Lights (estimated value $4)

  • A felted rope (to be used as a necklace or bracelet) from Lisa and Lucy Jewelry (estimated value $15)

  • A keyfob from Venezie Bags (estimated value $4)

  • Two samples of hydrating facial creme from Aguacate & Co. (estimated value negligible)

  • A Grandma's Kitchen soap sample from Mountain Farm Soaps (estimated value $2)

  • Five Peak-A-Boob strips (estimated value negligible)

Total estimated value: $104

Crazy, right?

The eye pigment is the most exciting part for me--the colors are really vibrant and there is actually enough to wear it a few times. The lip balms both look promising as well. The jewelry isn't to my style, but the quality is good. Overall, I couldn't be happier. Sweet Delights can count me in for September's box for sure.

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